2040892 APPOMATTOX RIVER AT ROUTE 602 NEAR MANNBORO, located in Chesterfield Co., is currently at: 12.790ft - yellow status. 2077000 Banister River At Halifax, located in Halifax, is currently at: 19.180ft - yellow status. 2047783 BLACKWATER RIVER AT ROUTE 620 NEAR ZUNI, located in Isle Of Wight, is currently at: 20.090ft - yellow status. 2049500 Blackwater River Near Franklin, located in Southampton, is currently at: 7.960ft - yellow status. 2075500 Dan River At Paces, located in Halifax, is currently at: 21.430ft - flood status. 2076000 Dan River at South Boston, located in Halifax, is currently at: 25.080ft - flood status. 2041000 Deep Creek Near Mannboro, located in Amelia Co., is currently at: 6.490ft - yellow status. 1399 Grundy, located in Buchanan Co., is currently at: 15.900ft - flood status. 1663500 Hazel River At Rixeyville, located in Culpeper Co., is currently at: 9.700ft - yellow status. 2011800 Jackson River Bl Gathright Dam Nr Hot Spgs, located in Alleghany Co., is currently at: 12.480ft - yellow status. 2019500 James River At Buchanan, located in Botetourt Co., is currently at: 11.010ft - yellow status. 2035000 James River At Cartersville, located in Goochland Co., is currently at: 16.230ft - yellow status. 2029000 James River At Scottsville, located in Albemarle Co., is currently at: 14.090ft - yellow status. 2037500 James River Near Richmond, located in Henrico Co., is currently at: 13.690ft - flood status. 1674000 Mattaponi River Near Bowling Green, located in Caroline Co., is currently at: 9.570ft - yellow status. 2052000 Meherrin River At Emporia, located in Greensville, is currently at: 18.490ft - yellow status. 1633000 N F Shenandoah River At Mount Jackson, located in Shenandoah Co., is currently at: 6.530ft - yellow status. 1671025 North Anna River Above Little River Nr Doswell, located in Hanover Co., is currently at: 14.180ft - flood status. 1671020 North Anna River At Hart Corner Near Doswell, located in Hanover Co., is currently at: 13.160ft - yellow status. 1673000 Pamunkey River Near Hanover, located in Hanover Co., is currently at: 18.080ft - flood status. 2066000 Roanoke (Staunton) River At Randolph, located in Halifax, is currently at: 24.830ft - flood status. 1149 Stoney Creek, located in Scott Co., is currently at: 3.500ft - yellow status.

Privacy Policy

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Public Disclosure

   VDEM does not collect personal information, but is subject to the requirements for administering information systems as established in the Virginia Privacy Protection Act, Chapter 26 of Title 2.1 of the Code of Virginia. Pages that appear after you click on a link may be controlled by a different agency or entity, whose practices are not under VDEM's control.


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