2040892 APPOMATTOX RIVER AT ROUTE 602 NEAR MANNBORO, located in Chesterfield Co., is currently at: 12.790ft - yellow status. 2077000 Banister River At Halifax, located in Halifax, is currently at: 19.180ft - yellow status. 2047783 BLACKWATER RIVER AT ROUTE 620 NEAR ZUNI, located in Isle Of Wight, is currently at: 20.090ft - yellow status. 2049500 Blackwater River Near Franklin, located in Southampton, is currently at: 7.960ft - yellow status. 2075500 Dan River At Paces, located in Halifax, is currently at: 21.430ft - flood status. 2076000 Dan River at South Boston, located in Halifax, is currently at: 25.080ft - flood status. 2041000 Deep Creek Near Mannboro, located in Amelia Co., is currently at: 6.490ft - yellow status. 1399 Grundy, located in Buchanan Co., is currently at: 15.900ft - flood status. 1663500 Hazel River At Rixeyville, located in Culpeper Co., is currently at: 9.700ft - yellow status. 2011800 Jackson River Bl Gathright Dam Nr Hot Spgs, located in Alleghany Co., is currently at: 12.480ft - yellow status. 2019500 James River At Buchanan, located in Botetourt Co., is currently at: 11.010ft - yellow status. 2035000 James River At Cartersville, located in Goochland Co., is currently at: 16.230ft - yellow status. 2029000 James River At Scottsville, located in Albemarle Co., is currently at: 14.090ft - yellow status. 2037500 James River Near Richmond, located in Henrico Co., is currently at: 13.690ft - flood status. 1674000 Mattaponi River Near Bowling Green, located in Caroline Co., is currently at: 9.570ft - yellow status. 2052000 Meherrin River At Emporia, located in Greensville, is currently at: 18.490ft - yellow status. 1633000 N F Shenandoah River At Mount Jackson, located in Shenandoah Co., is currently at: 6.530ft - yellow status. 1671025 North Anna River Above Little River Nr Doswell, located in Hanover Co., is currently at: 14.180ft - flood status. 1671020 North Anna River At Hart Corner Near Doswell, located in Hanover Co., is currently at: 13.160ft - yellow status. 1673000 Pamunkey River Near Hanover, located in Hanover Co., is currently at: 18.080ft - flood status. 2066000 Roanoke (Staunton) River At Randolph, located in Halifax, is currently at: 24.830ft - flood status. 1149 Stoney Creek, located in Scott Co., is currently at: 3.500ft - yellow status.
Tiles Courtesy of MapQuest